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Don’t be a Sonic, be a Pikachu

After the Sonic and the Detective Pikachu trailers, I decided to write a poem to express how one utterly fails compared to the other. I hope this teaches somebody somewhere a lesson.

This is a quick scene I wrote at the end of my playwriting class. Eventually, the Moon will be commercialized and this is probably not far off from what visiting the moon will turn into.

Originally written: December, 2016

NOTE: The formatting looks better in MS Word. This is the second play I've written in my Playwriting class. The play is about two girls, Becky and Sheila, who are swimming in a lake.


Originally written: September, 2016.

My Commencement Speech

I graduated in December, 2016 from NEIU. I wasn't chosen to give a graduation speech, but I decided to write one anyways. It's much better than the one I got, I promise!

Who doesn't love some good ol' fashioned patriotism?

I thought "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood was a little outdated, so I updated the lyrics. It's sure to be a staple to any 4th of July fireworks display. Enjoy!

Originally written January 2013

In my Intro to Communications class in my Freshman year, we had to write speeches and present them. This was my first one, and my best out of the four we had to do. I decided to clean it up a little. I did keep a subtle nod to my teacher at the time, so future me can look for that little Easter Egg. Enjoy!

Originally written February 2013

We all know the stories of the big superheros, but what about their henchmen? they may seem like expendable grunts, but some of 'em have lives, right? Well, "Biff" is a short story highlighting one of these thugs, while also paying homage to comic books and other influences of the genre.


If I can figure out how/have the time, I might turn this into a short graphic novel, and if this is well-recieved, I might write a companion piece explaining all of the references and influences I've parodied. Some of them may suprise you.

During press conferences or political speeches they like to sugar-coat hard truths. I thought about the phrase "We are not Killing People" and found of a lot of fun ways to dance around the issue. I have probably heard all of them throughout my life and you probably have too. And I'm sure there are many more but I didn't think of them.

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