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We are not Killing People

A Poem by Dovid Bulgatz


We are not killing people, [my fellow Americans,]

We are eliminating the enemy

We are executing our objectives

We are achieving our goals at all costs

We are saving lives

We are fulfilling our duty

We are completing our mission

We are doing what needs to be done

We are answering to the call of duty

We are helping those who cannot help themselves

We are defending our cause

We are doing what's necessary

We are preparing for the worst

We are taking care of the situation

We are making sacrifices

We are obtaining victory

We are keeping things under control

We are maintaining the front line

We are handling the matter at hand

We are eradicating our threat

We are securing peace at all costs

We are taking action

We are protecting our nation

We are defeating our opponents

We are doing what's right

We are making the right decisions

We are taking arms

We are exterminating the opposing forces

We are taking precautionary measures

We are advancing our troops

We are standing our ground

We are meeting our targets

We are responding to their threats

We are fighters

We are serving the cause

We are contributing to the effort

We are supporting our brave men at arms

We are not going to surrender

We are not backing down

We are saving the day

We are not going to negotiate

We are not giving up

We are bringing them to justice

We are preserving our freedom

We are readying our armies

We are at war


But we are not killing people

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