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Generation vs Generation

A Poem by Dovid Bulgatz




What to do and who to be,

Think about it carefully.

For, once you choose you can’t go back;

It’s hard to change your chosen track.

So think aloud and share with me,

And tell me what you want to be.


                “An Astronaut!”


“An Astronaut” you’ll be, you say;

You want to travel far away.

But look at the few who have made it,

You’re not that bright or fortunate.

So few have left the realm of Earth

At cost of 50 times your worth!

So think again, and please think not,

Of ever being an Astronaut.


                “A Movie Star!”


“A movie Star” you want to be;

An actor featured on TV.

But you don’t live in Hollywood,

Besides, your acting’s not that good.

You just don’t have that quality,

That big executives want to see.

So think again and don’t be shy.

An actor? You’re just not that guy.


                “A Writer!”


“A Writer!” you proudly exclaim;

You’ll write a book and rise to fame.

But you’re past isn’t full of strife,

Besides, you live a boring life.

And so few novels made it, too;

You really think that you’ll break through?

So think again, and leave behind

Those silly thoughts that fill your mind.


            “A Singer! A Fireman! A Painter! A Cop!

            A Sports Star! The President! A soldier! A—”




A singer? An athlete? A great politician?

Are these what you seek to become your profession?

Be realistic; don’t aim for the skies,

Choose a career that’s stable and wise.

Don’t make it too hard, because you might fail.

Don’t make it too easy or boring and stale.

So think again, for your career

Should yield “six figures” every year.


A career is a job you work 9 to 5.

From the minute you’re hired until 65.

A job’s not meant to fill you with joy,

You got your fun while you were a boy.

You need to think of the rest of your life,

You’ll need to support your children and wife.

Just take my advice, and I guarantee,

That you will be stable financially.


                “I hear what you’re saying, but you need to know;

                I need to be able to personally grow.

                You made your own choices based on what you were taught,

                And never once gave to it a second thought.


                Why shouldn’t your dreams be what you pursue?

                Why shouldn’t you love the job that you do?

                It’s been done before, the path proving tough,

                But shouldn’t fulfilling your dreams be enough?


                I know in my heart, that the money will follow,

                And following your path will make me feel hollow

                The reason I'm here, well, I’ll make it short;

                I simply just wanted to have your support…”

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