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Remembering my Bar Mitzvah

A Poem by Dovid Bulgatz


Here is a picture of me,

I’ll make it short and easy,

                I was thirteen,

                A live human being,

Although I am nauseous and queasy.


A cake from Sarelle in the back;

The teffilin would turn your mouth black.

                Here I am on a chair,

                There’s no time to spare,

To the party I have to go back.


A pretzel to look like cigar,

I wonder whose glasses those are?

                I look nice in a suit,

                My mom thinks I’m cute,

And boy, do I look like a star!


My aunt wanted to take a pic

Of me while I was looking slick.

                I was all nice and neat,

                Next to an empty seat,

Always hearing, “Come on!, make it quick!”


I believe we had bagels and lox.

But, wait, am I wearing crocs?

                My Bar Mitzvah is done,

                My manhood’s begun,

The door to my life now unlocks…



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