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My hopes for Star Wars 9

Here are my ideas to fix Star Wars in episode 9 and the outcomes that will result. The Last Jedi did a lot to ruin Star Wars lore but I think there’s a Last hope to maybe save it from utter suck. I want Star Wars, my favorite thing, back and after being ruined twice (movie-wise), I can’t bear to see the last episode see the same fate! So I’ll be damned if I don’t share my very simple ways to bring Star Wars back from the Sarlaac pit it’s in right now. I know that Lucasfilm and Disney probably have already planned it out, but they have been known to throw out 98% of their original idea last minute, and I'm offering these suggestions over a year in advance! 1) IDEA: The title will be called: "The Last Stand", or something similar. Who’s last stand? The Jedi? The First Order? The Resistance? It’s vague enough to pique curiosity, and promises to be a bookend of a trilogy (and presumably saga). I know it might not sound great coming after a "The Last _____", which is why I said something similar works fine, too.

Title confirmed! (I totally didn't do this in Paint)

OUTCOME: THEORY VIDEOS PLAGUE YOUTUBE FOR MONTHS UNTIL THE TEASER DROPS! 2) IDEA: The Knights of Ren return and become war generals. With the First Order now consisting of only a Nazi coward and an angry kid, there’s no threat to the First Order. So if we put in a group of force-sensitive highly-skilled loyal warriors who rule their own sects of the galaxy, then it opens a lot of possibilities for expanded universe stuff and adds a legitimate threat. It will also reinforce the idea that Kylo Ren actually had a plan set in motion and is much smarter than we have been lead to believe. OUTCOME: THERE HAS TO BE BATTLES IN A GALACTIC WAR!

3) IDEA: Snoke returns If Luke can project himself, then Snoke can too. Or have a body double. Or his species regenerates in a special Bacta vat and that’s why he’s already scarred so much. Whatever the reason, I want to see him return and then he has his own vendetta against Kylo Ren and his knights. Maybe Snoke has a super elite praetorian force and they’ll have to do battle with Klyo’s knights. Also, he’ll use Hux as his informant. OUTCOME: A BAD GUY WHO IS A REAL THREAT! A “PHANTOM MENACE”, if you will. 4) IDEA: Rey’s mom So Rey’s dad is Luke and his death is felt by a certain Jedi in hiding and forces her to return to civilization. This Jedi is Rey’s mom and Luke’s wife, Mara Jade! She grabbed Rey during the Knights of Ren attack on Luke’s temple and brings her to Jakku. She says she has something important to do so she leaves Rey there with Unkar and goes off to track Kylo Ren or Snoke or whatever to protect Rey from being discovered. Mara Jade will return to her sister-in-law and will explain to Rey more of why Luke acted the way he did. Her appearance triggers a message in R2-D2. A mission from Luke: “If you see this, then it means I failed. Help me Rey, you’re my only hope!” And Mara Jade takes over as Resistance Leader to fulfill Luke’s last mission. She also reveals that Luke was actually trapped on Ach-To and forced to “turn off” his force sensitivity for fear that Snoke or Kylo would catch him and he hoped that Rey would find him and save him from the planet, but unfortunately, he had to project himself and stuff. The point is that underneath his facade, he actually loved Rey and wanted to see her one last time. OUTCOME: STAR WARS IS ABOUT THE SKYWALKER FAMILY ONCE AGAIN! 5) IDEA: Make Rey an idiot Ok, that’s just me clickbaiting. But I agree that she just seems to know everything. So to counter her “perfectness”, make her completely naive to any other civilization she visits. Like when Wonder Woman visited London for the first time. Like, maybe Rey has to go to a city planet place like Coruscant and is a total fish out of water. OUTCOME: REY IS NO LONGER A “MARY-SUE” BY ANYONE’S STANDPOINTS! 6) IDEA: The gang becomes a gang. I’ve said plenty of times that I’m pissed that our three new “heroes” have only been in the same room once, during the last two minutes of The Last Jedi. All three of them need a mission together. Maybe Mara Jade sends all three of them to the city planet to fulfill a part of the mission. OUTCOME: HOW COME THE THREE MAIN CHARACTERS NEVER SPOKE TO EACH OTHER YET!?

There's no time all three of them are together!

7) IDEA: The other gang becomes a gang. Another part of the mission requires our three droid heroes to work together and they get into hijinks together. Also, why not throw Chewbacca into the mix for good measure. OUTCOME: COMEDIC LEVITY WITHOUT IT INFRINGING ON THE HEAVIER DRAMATIC PARTS!

how come this gang exists together in a scene!?

7.5) IDEA: Give Chewie something to do.

Maybe he accompanies Leia on her mission I'll talk about later on. Like he's her "walking carpet" bodyguard.


8) IDEA: Kylo Ren gets new powers. In the beginning of the film, we see Kylo training. He gets riled up and angry and we see him freeze an opponent and then he shoots lightning at them. There, he’s a threat and it used up minimal screen time to tell the bookend of a longer story arc told off-screen.


9) IDEA: Time skip. The movie skips at least three years! This'll give characters some time to grow and the universe a chance to breathe. OUTCOME: ROOM FOR EXPANSION IN OTHER MEDIA! 10) IDEA: Mon Mothma returns. Leia needs something to do, and more importantly, a way to be heroically sacrificed. So, she locates Mon Mothma who comes out of retirement to try to start a new Galactic Senate. Leia travels in a blockade runner-looking ship to where Mothma is, (possibly even on the city planet I mentioned) But is ambushed by Kylo Ren and the First Order destroys a diplomatic defenseless ship right above billions of people. The blockade runner holds out as best it can with its shields and escape pods but Kylo Ren and his TIE Fighters destroy every last bit and it very much looks like a person torturing a defenseless creature. Mon Mothma understands what Leia did and uses her sacrifice as the symbol to rally the Senate behind with something like “Never Again” or “Leia lives on”.

Hell! Make that the opening scene, even! OUTCOME: LEIA DIES A HERO TO THE ENTIRE GALAXY!

something like this, but less political and more of a banner for the Galaxy to rally behind

11) IDEA: Kylo Ren redecorates. We know Kylo Ren has a flare for style, so it’s obvious that he’d want to make cosmetic changes to his stormtroopers’ uniforms. He doesn’t care about “Order”! And each of his Knights of Ren Generals will have a color scheme, like the Clone Wars. Kylo Ren is not a Nazi, he’s a fanboy. And now he’s the one writing the check to the First Order costume department! OUTCOME: TOY SALES SKYROCKET (without cheap porg-designed bullshit.) 12) IDEA: Force ghost Luke. Now that Luke is free from his prison on Ach-To, he will appear with Mara Jade and Rey and they reunite in a scene. Luke tells Rey that he’s been watching her and there’s no more he can teach her and he loves her and will always be with her. Always. OUTCOME: THE AUDIENCE IS IN TEARS! MARK HAMILL GETS REDEMPTION! Also, I would give ghost Luke a second scene. There are rumors that they might alter a bit of the “Luke trying to Kill Ben” story, chalking the uncharacteristic actions as Kylo Ren’s and Luke’s “Certain points of view”. I say we get Mara Jade to share the TRUE story. That Snoke manipulated Ben Solo by whispering doubt into his ear and manipulating his perceptions, like he claimed was possible in The Last Jedi between Kylo and Rey. Snoke caused a rift in their relationship, first on Ben’s side and then on Luke’s side. And Luke was manipulated too, to incorrectly perceive Ben as something else, which is what scared him enough to ignite his lightsaber. (Like he saw Kylo Ren in a Darth Vader mask, like on Dagobah, or something)

no one likes Sad Hamill

13) (OPTIONAL CRAZY STUFF) IDEA: Snoke gets more Voldemort-ey!

Another, way crazier way to go is that Snoke uses the force to inhabit bodies and “force possessed” Kylo Ren and Ben cries out “Don’t let him take me!” And that’s what makes Luke raise his lightsaber against him. Some kind of “force possession” ability would line up with “ancient Sith research” and their aspirations of immortality. Now, Snoke can possess a new body and not a decrepit ugly one. Maybe he can possess Phasma, and now she has a reason for existing in this trilogy! (And before that, what if earlier, Snoke possessed Darth Maul And that’s why he lived after Obi-Wan killed him!?)


Boom! So easy! It refocuses the sequel trilogy back into being a Skywalker family drama. It’s a Galactic struggle between Good and Evil. A story with a lot of open ends to be expanded in accompanying media. A way to fix Rian Johnson’s mistakes without completely shitting on his “creative choices”. New twists on familiar themes. And most importantly, saving Luke Skywalker as a character! Dear Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson...etc., I hope to flood this post with keywords on the off chance it gets read by someone up top. I’ll write the damn script! I’ll do it for free! (And Kathleen, I’ll even throw in a transsexual feminist rollerblading droid that quips about the "patriarchy" and it'll work!)

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