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What I Want to see in The Last Jedi

Less than a week to go, I haven’t spoken about Star Wars: The Last Jedi since I complained about the first trailer. Today, I have a list of 10 things I want to see in the new film. These things should likely be in the film, but I wanted to point out some of the things I’m specifically looking forward to.

1) March of the First Order The First Order may be First...and Orderly, but they do not have music to go along with them. In The Force Awakens, we got a March of the Resistance, and, I gotta day, it doesn’t sound like good guy music. It sounds to me like something written for the Soviet Union. It sounds very “imperial” to me. The Empire and Rebellion themes are iconic, and if the First Order wants to measure up, We’d best get some theme music. 2) Knights of Ren We still don’t know who they are, why they are, and what Kylo did to join and lead them. The obvious answer is that they are now the “Praetorian Guards”, but their weapons don’t match up. I guess we’ll see. 3) Surname Who is Rey? They built it up so much. It's time for an answer. My theory is pretty simple. During Luke’s New Jedi Order, two Jedi-in-training fell in love and had a kid. Kylo and his knights of Ren killed them (as seen in the “forceback”) and Luke took it upon himself to give her off (to Unkar Plutt?) but he will feel a kinship to her because he feels responsible for her parents’ deaths and now is mentoring her like a father figure. Rey becomes a “Skywalker” not by blood, but by bond. It’s still a family saga, just with an “adoption” aspect to it. 4) New Ships This was my biggest want in The Force Awakens. As far as I can tell, we got four new ships: Kyle’s shuttle, Rey’s speeder, and a troop transporter for both sides. I wasn’t a big fan of most of the brand new designs, and the rest were just upgraded designs of classic ships. The Last Jedi has already introduced us to ugly-ass “ski-speeders”, oddly-designed Resistance Bombers, Kylo’s slick TIE Silencer, and General Hux’s Nazi-car. But at least we get new A-Wings! 5) Luke and Leia I hope they get to see each other again. It’s bad enough Luke will never talk to Han Solo again. 6) R2D2 and C-3PO and BB-8 interaction Who doesn’t want droid antics!? 7) Alien Character’s with bigger roles It seems unlikely this time, but still. I guess the Sith and Empire has been pretty xenophobic, but I want to see more aliens! Not only that, but I want to see more familiar aliens. Where are the Zabraks, Twi’ileks, and Sullustians? Let alone the species we’ve only seen one of. As much as I love seeing new creatures, they have a population of more than one, right?

8) How the First Order happened Forget your Snoke theories, how did the First Order absorb the Empire? And why don't they employ aliens? Is Snoke the only non-human, or is he just disfigured like Palpatine? Also, Who the hell is Snoke? Is he a human? What brought him into the Star Wars Galaxy? Also also, how known are the First Order? Are they just a little pocket group or are they spread across the galaxy? How many battles have they fought? They seem organized, but no one said how long they’ve been a threat. 9) What’s the New Republic? I know it’s short-lived and now in complete disarray, but what were they? What were they trying to accomplish? Furthermore, why is there a Resistance separate from the New Republic army? Where is the New Republic army? Is that how Laura Derns comes into play? I wanna see those two at ends or something... It’s just weird that the New Republic’s army is sided with a Resistance army. I doubt we’ll see it, but I kind of want to see the politics touched on. 10) The Last Jedi I want to see Luke Skywalker kick ass and use the force and wield a lightsaber. Will he have his green lightsaber? Will he use some new force power? Will he use the force to conduct a bunch of porgs in a dance number? He must’ve thought of it while on the island at least once!

That's my list. We'll just have to wait and see.

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