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Star Wars: Rogue One (Trailer 2 Analysis)

Rogue One Trailer 2 Analysis and speculation

Wow, like a day after I announced a temporary “hiatus”. Great! So, I’m a few days late but who cares?

The overall tone I got out of this was of a sports movie, like “We are Marshall” or “Miracle on Ice”, or “Moneyball”. Jyn Erso’s the coach giving a locker room pep talk to the players right before the big game. They needed to search out their unconventional players, and now it’s the final game of the playoffs against the best team in the league… who’s undefeated.

That kinda sucks, because it’s supposed to be a war movie.

As for a breakdown, I’m not going to do as many screen caps, but I will do some speculation at the end.

Our first picture gives us some pretty cool stuff. We got Director Krennic and his Deathtroopers marching towards Jyn Erso’s father, Galen Erso, who, like his daughter, has hair that looks like he just got out of the shower.

I want to know 1) why did they park so far away? There’s so much empty space, and they didn’t even bring a speeder bike or car or something! 2) I’m pretty sure that’s a moisture vaporator… why? It looks like it rains a lot, it’s very cloudy, and the land is very green. Why?

See? Shower hair. Also, why is young Katniss in this movie?

This is amazing! I want to know more about Jedha, but we probably won’t, given this movie doesn’t feature Jedi. Perhaps this is the Jedi that had to slay the mountain dragon from the last trailer! I can say, though, that I was right about that ship from the last trailer was the U-Wing, but I still think they’re looking for parking!

K-2SO: “They’re requesting a movie title.”

Bodhi Rook: “Rouge…Rogue One”

Alright, now the cool tank is confirmed to be destroyed. That just about covers all the new vehicles they’re introducing to the Universe. The guy in yellow is just mozying across the road, oblivious to the fire fight going on around him! What?

HA! Called it! Saw Gerrera has a missing leg! I knew he was missing a limb! He’s still not using his breathing mask, though.

Here are our “Masters” of “Disguise”, looking so out of place, they make their outfits look like Halloween costumes! Andor isn’t clean shaven and dirty, and Jyn is really scrawny and short. I’m assuming she wears a visor to cover her eyes, or else I don’t know what they had in mind…

Jyn then says “Rebellions are built on hope.” How many rebellions have happened in the Star Wars history that she’d be referring to? Did they use to have “Bonthan Lives Matter” rallies or something?

Since Chirrut got to take down eight stormtroopers in the last trailer, now Baze gets his turn by mowing down seven of them. I maintain my theory that Baze Malbus was a clone trooper.

We also get Y-Wings, so that’s cool. If I recall, the Y-Wings did not so much as fire a single shot in A New Hope…

Still no A-Wings… I liked the A-Wings…

There is an amazing space fight shot that is probably one of my most-anticipated thing to see: a modern space fight between X-Wings and TIE Fighters that hopefully isn’t rushed like it was in The Force Awakens.

“You are rebels, aren’t you?” duh, Jyn! You are the newbie, right? Why is the newbie giving the pep-talks?

There’s a cool alternate shot of Dragon Mountain blowing up. I’m sure the U-Wing will shoot out of it.

This shot highlights another of my most-anticipated things to see: the battle on Scarif. Things to note are: 1) the skies are clear, 2) there are four points of contention/smoke, 3) two AT-ACT’s are going toward a third one, 4) one of the AT-ACT’s are empty.

I don’t understand some of these things, though. Why are the camel walkers facing towards each other? Did the rebels take one over? Why are the skies not swarming with X-Wings or TIE Fighters or TIE Strikers? I will continue to maintain my theory that the AT-ACT’s release swarms of TIE Strikers from their bellies. Maybe there’s a swarm behind the U-Wing? We still haven’t seen a Striker yet.

Our last shot is my favorite shot of the whole trailer. Baze and Chirrut are running from the smoke monster—er, I mean the mammoth AT-ACT. It’s huge. Like… huge… what are they running from? Who knows? But I’m at the edge of my seat for this!


Speculation time:

I think Saw Gerrera isn’t going to make it to the end credits. I think/ really hope that some people live. I can’t wait to see Darth Vader rip shit up! I want to see these “Deathtroopers” earn their title, and I want Krennic to be the evilest guy in the movie… and then Darth Vader steps in and he cowers to him.

As much as I want certain things to happen, there are a lot of things that probably won’t, which is a shame. I doubt we’ll get any history of Jedha. I doubt the TIE Strikers will barely come up, if not at all. I doubt the hovertank pilots or the scarif shoretroopers will differentiate from a stormtooper. I’m sure the deathtroopers will serve as nothing more than big intimidating guys who surround Director Krennic and probably won’t fire a shot.

The good news is that it doesn’t seem like there will be a “rathtar” scene, or a “space slug” scene, or a “Galactic Senate hearing” scene. You know, an extended scene of something that doesn’t move the story and grinds the movie to a stop. This is good, because I expect them to fill that time with epic battles on Scarif, Jedha, space, and Darth Vader kicking ass!

It’s pretty hard to figure out the order of events. Jyn Erso and the U-Wing are in every location. Every time I try to piece together an order of events, it doesn’t work. So seriously, I am clueless to what is going to happen and when and where. With The Force Awakens, I had a pretty good idea of the order each scene shown would appear in. I was completely wrong, but I was able to string something together with the nuggets we were given. Here, I got nothing.

The last thing I wanted to point out is that the thumbnail image for this trailer, from the official Star Wars YouTube channel, is not an image from the trailer:

Look! 6 X-Wings zipping about! We’ve already seen a dozen X-Wings destroyed in this and the other trailers, so hopefully they show the Rebel’s Yavin base’s huge hangar for one-time use only X-Wings!

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