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Just Another Update

Just another update, So school's been happening. That means that "Sleeping Beauty" is on hold, my Origami development is on hold, my learning animation is on hold, and this blog will continue to be updated in weird spurts. But don't fret, because that doesn't mean I'm not doing stuff. I'm taking a Playwriting class, where our homework is to write a scene every week. So I'll put them all up when I get time to look over them and make sure they're good. But here's the best news: I'm also taking another class where we need to create a blog on Tumblr. So I have another friggin' blog now. In this new blog, I review songs and music. I call it "Dovid's SMART". For this class, we have to post at least twice a week, so if you follow that you'll get semi-regularly-scheduled posts from me. For the time being, I'm going to keep the Tumblr blog separate; mainly because I haven't figured out how to create a second blog on Wix. Facebook automatically posts whenever I post on Tumblr, so there's a good way to follow it without having a Tumblr. I will definitely have another trailer analysis for Rogue one when it drops. Also, we're getting Portal movie rumors from J.J. Abrams, so I'll still be in the loop. I just won't be able to write a big long thing about other things for the time being.

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