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Just a small update

It's been a while since my last post so here's a small update to what's going on here. First, a personal update. About a week after my last post, I signed up for an improv class at second city, so that'll be fun. First class is this Thursday (so, today). Anyways, I wanted to focus on adding more to the blue notebook and those take a while to do, even if they don't look like they do. As for future Spaced Out posts, I have a bunch of stuff planned. Once it drops, I will definitely do a trailer analysis for Star Wars Rogue One. I also wanted to do a Marvel vs. D.C. Piece, but maybe I'll do that to coincide with Suicide Squad. There are also a ton of other ideas I have, but, again, I want to switch priority #1 to the other branches of this site. Finally, I have a really large story I'm writing. I'm really excited for this! It's going to be the largest thing I've ever written to date! It's even going to have chapters! I don't know if I should release it all at once or in parts by chapter. I still have a ways to go on it, but the entire synopsis is basically done; I just need to flesh everything out and then proofread and edit The crap of it. What is it? I am writing Seeping Beauty. A reimagining of the classic fairy tale. I know what you're thinking, it's been done already a billion times. Not really; there are only maybe 4 well-known classic versions. Each of the well-known adaptations add new ideas and elements but also take away previous themes. My goal in this is to combine all the previous plot elements and themes into one fully-fledged tale, while also modernizing some of the themes. I am also adding my own twists to the story as well. At its core it is Sleeping Beauty, but it will definitely be as new and original as it is classic The biggest issue I had with all the versions is the lack of logic between plot points. So I am definitely going to have the events follow each other without making huge jumps in logic. Aren't the previous versions very gory? Yes they are. My version aims at keeping as many of those parts as I can fit into the logical flow of the story. Again, it's only because they were part of the original versions, plus, I don't need to censor this for a Disney audience. The gory or "unwholesome" parts were part of the original versions for a reason; they have deeper symbolism to it. What do you mean by "modernizing"? Is Sleeping Beauty going to be a man or something? No; that goes against all of the intended themes of Sleeping Beauty. Unlike all of the previous versions, Sleeping Beauty will have a larger role than just "lay there". There will not be singing animals and there will not be bumbling oaf babysitting fairies. So what is in it? There will be a battle and there will be a dragon. There will be a prince and there will be fairies and magic. It won't be Disney Magic though, more of a Game of Thrones-ey magic and alchemy. Magic is supposed to be a tool, not a gimmick. At least for this story it's a writing tool...

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