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Welcome to "Spaced Out"!

Welcome to my blog, “Spaced Out”. This is the part of my website where I, Dovid Bulgatz, will be speaking to you, the reader. This can be any number of things, including rants, reviews, ramblings, announcements, and whatever else I want to say to my general audience. These might be on the longer side of reading but I think that you’ll find that it was worth it.

So why don’t we begin with the origin story to this website, which was going to be named “Spaced Out”, before I moved it to just the name of the Blog element? Because it ties in to every aspect of this website, and by proxy, who I am.

In school, ever since my first boring class my head was in the clouds. It was very easy for me to just tune out and think about anything and everything else, rather than pay attention to whatever the teachers were drolling on about. In fact, I would go above the clouds; I would “space out”, my mind, wandering in a different universe than my body.

Sufficed to say, whenever my mind would “touch down”, I doodled a lot. So much so, in fact, that I doodled more than I took notes. I drew a lot too, and ever since (at least) sixth grade (2005-2006 school year), I have saved all of them, ripping pages of notes and information out of my notebooks, and saving the drawings. Now, that I am approaching graduating my first four years of college, I have amassed a gigantic file folder full of these; anything I deemed “good enough to save”. Now, I am going to go through all of them and the ones I find worthy enough for the public audience I will redraw into the computer and post them on the “Blue Notebook” section. So, the origin of “The Blue Notebook” is really lame: of all the notebooks I had in school, the majority of them were blue. But there is a second component of the Blue Notebook’s origins that are also more prominent, comics.

In 3rd grade (I think) my class was really into the Captain Underpants series, and everyone wanted to make a comic strip. I remember two people whose comics were gut-bustingly hilarious, but mine weren’t. The reason for this was my format/influence. I had a few comic books of Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Pearls Before Swine, The Far Side Gallery, and Foxtrot. All of these were and still are great works that I should revisit, because they are awesome, but I was trying to follow the 3-4 boxed strip format. My first structured comic strip was about two astronauts living on Mars. It very quickly exhausted my knowledge of Mars and my patience for drawing the same astronaut over and over. It wasn’t until I gave up on my first few series before I realized that my strength was in the one-panel comics, like Far Side. No longer was I restricted to a theme or recurring characters; I had creative freedom again.

Even now, I keep my comics short and sweet, and that might be why I was the only one (as far as I know, at least), who kept at it, even though the fad passed. Hopefully, I would like to share with you all as many of these as I can, I guess we’ll just see how funny I actually was back then.

But that’s not the only thing I would do when I spaced out. Another fad in school was paper airplanes. Like comics, the required school supplies, so the teachers couldn’t confiscate are works. We’d test the paper airplanes down the halls. Some kids were into radio controlled planes and started modifying their crafts into really nice planes. Others had their parents buy them books on how to make really good ones. But I got bored of only folding simple airplanes. I wanted to fold something more constructive. So I turned to Origami. I folded a lot of different types of birds. Actually, I gave up on Origami until probably high school, when I found out that you can make Origami X-wings. I also used Post-It’s to make modular stars and 3-D shapes.

Next are the writings section. I will admit that some of these stories and poems (especially the first ones I’ve posted) stemmed from school assignments that I have put up here. But those are only the really really good ones, and I am finding that there aren’t as many as I thought there would be. But I put a lot of effort into writing the ones I’ve posted (which, honestly, you won’t know which ones they are, but still…).

There is a “Filler” section, I know. That is reserved for future endeavors. I really want to learn animation, and when I figure that out and can put something together, then I will replace the “Filler” section with it.

So here it is... My website. It began the first time I ever “spaced out” in school, and now it has become DYB Creations. I am really excited to share my creations with the world and continue creating in the future. Because as you will see, I don’t stick to one form, I experiment with many forms. I have categorized them as best I could. So look around and enjoy a glimpse into the polished parts of the inner workings of the mind of me, Dovid Bulgatz.

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