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Welcome to my Website!


The purpose of this website is to showcase my best work and present myself as a creator. It's functional and I hope that this is a launchpad to bigger an better things! And if it makes you, the reader, think a little, all the better! Why create if there is no audience?


Everything on this website (including the website itself) has been made with all the passion (and naivety) of an aspiring artist, writer, comedian, and (overall) creator. So keep checking back to this site because all four main branches (Writings, Blue Notebook, Spaced Out, and Origami) are going to expand and grow. And keep in mind that each main branch is separate on purpose; they each showcase a separate part of me, so there are no gaurantees that if you love my comics you'll love my blog (or vice versa)...etc

This is a more formal blog where I talk to you, the reader. It'll contain updates, announcements, and ramblings about topics I wanna talk about.

This is a stream of comics and cool drawings that I have deemed "worthy" enough to redraw into the computer and upload it for the public.

This will function as a "library",containing a collection of short stories, poems, and other bits of creative writing.

This is a showcase of my original pieces of 3D origami. Maybe I'll have a little comment about each piece. Maybe there'll be a purchase option.

Wanna contact me? you can e-mail me by clicking here. I'm not famous (and don't get out much), so I'll probably respond quickly.


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